Next Generation Connected Energy as a Service solutions for Telecommunication Sites


We design, deploy, own and operate turnkey energy infrastructure solutions

Unlock financial value and benefit from fully optimized
smart energy solutions




“As a Service”

Avoid CAPEX for your new energy investments while reducing OPEX.
Meet mutually agreed financial targets, performance indicators and operational standards guaranteed by an SLA.

Tailored to Mobile
Network site needs

Maximize network uptime and improve energy stability in various Off-Grid and On-Grid scenarios.
We handle 24x7 monitoring, operations & maintenance at each site.

Green & Future proof

Reach sustainability targets and reduced CO2 emissions through renewable energy sources.
Get ready to cope with 5G driven higher energy consumption and increased load requirements.

We are focused on improving energy economics across multiple Telecom Sites scenarios

Offered as a service with 24x7 professional monitoring,
operations & maintenance




Continuous Backup

Connected high density Li-Ion backup
storage for 4 - 8 hours


Optimized Usage

Alternative on site energy generation and Connected Li-Ion energy storage and backup


Off-Grid Solutions

Renewable power supply system and Connected Li-Ion energy storage with or without generator











Better Grid is a pure-play Energy as a Service (EaaS) company built to solve the unique needs of Telecommunication sites


Interdisciplinary team with world class experience across Finance, Software, Energy, Telecom site management in multiple continents


State of the art 24x7 global NOC

Purpose built operational platform, multilanguage, multicurrency, multitenant

Established local relationships in all key Americas markets. Expanding in Middle East and North Asia


Leading Software enabled energy storage systems producer

VC backed + awarded expansion grant by California Energy Commission

Multiple successful deployments in the Americas region


Experienced investment partners with access to low cost capital.

Infrastructure and institutional investors.


We design, deploy and own fully managed Connected Energy Solutions that are optimized for the unique needs of Cell Sites whether on or off the grid.


Our Energy as a Service (EaaS) offering enables mobile operators and tower companies to upgrade their energy infrastructure, avoid expensive capital investments, reduce operational expenses and achieve environmental goals.